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Final Project Proposal

Here we go.

This was far harder to come up with than I had anticipated. Digital Humanities is such a broad spectrum and trying to figure out an interesting project I could do that was actually possible without real experience in this was like trying to teach a monkey to ride a pogo stick. Not easy.

I think I came up with one I’m happy with, even if I haven’t entirely figured out how I’m going to go about doing it yet. I thought back to the third (?) week when we were first using Omeka and learning about digital archives. One of the examples I took a look at was a map where you would click on different locations and it would give you information about the history behind it (Cleaveland, I’m pretty sure) and at the time I thought that was a super cool concept. I want to recreate this with history of Prince George, where you click on different locations (Like Mr. PG, for example) and it tells you the history behind that landmark.

I think a super cool future concept would be entering a historical subject and having it show you information about specific locations (For example, if you want to learn about the Canadian residential school system, you could enter that and it would show you locations and teach you about what happened). We had something similar to this in my Geography class last semester where Google Earth would take you to different geographical locations on the planet and teach you about how they formed.

The future concept might be a little out of my ballpark but I definitely want to give it a shot and see what I can figure out while I work on the project.

I haven’t entirely figured out what format I want to do this in. I could do it similar to the Cleaveland map, where it’s a scrollable map and you choose your locations, or I could do it with Google Earth and their “adventure” mode, where you click “next” and it automatically brings you to the next location and gives you info on it. I would be more than happy to hear your critisisms or other ideas for formats to do this in.


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