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Michael Chester

This is what happens when you drop a child too many times.

My name is Michael Chester. My family moved to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, in 2010. At the time I was seven. Since then, Prince George has become my stomping grounds, a place that I am happy (most of the time) to call home.

Family Values

I was raised with my sister by my lovely mother, Carrie Johnson. My mom has been my rock since day one. This woman has taught me rights from wrongs, giving me a strong grasp on respect, work ethic, time management, and helped me set my goals high since I was young.

Close, Long-Lasting Friendship

I am a person with a large social drive who needs in-person verbal contact to stay sane. As a large portion of my friends have or are in the process of moving away, I will be taking friendship applications at the button below.

Killer Music Taste

I can also create a playlist like no other. See some of my jams attached (As long as you make good choices in your streaming platform of choice).

Super Efficient

I always find a way to get a task done. If a task is being completed by Michael Chester, you can have faith that it will be done correctly.

Deeply Committed

I was raised from a young age to stand for what I believe in. If I am investing time into a project, know that it will be done with integrity and value.

Highly Skilled

I consider myself to be the epiphany of the statement “jack of all trades, master of none.” I am a fast learner with a wide skillset.